Denme CAOS, historia de un tatuaje / GIVE ME CHAOS,history of a tatt.

Guadalajara. 10 de Enero del 2011.

La idea del tatuaje era la de rendirle tributo a varias personas. Primero que nada, Hunter S. Thompson, que desde su suicidio he tenido la idea de que mi primer tatuaje estaría relacionado a él (mi primer idea en realidad era tatuarme el puño de gonzo). junto a èl, su ilustrador,Ralph Steadman, diseñaron uno de los libros que me hizo descubrir las posibilidades infinitas de la literatura moderna. Los murciélagos remiten a una de las primeras escenas, en donde el personaje Raoul Duke tras un pequeño lapso de alucinación proclama "¡No nos podemos detener aquí! Esto es un país de murciélagos".
The idea of this tatto was for it to be a tribute to Hunster S. Thompson. An idea that's been with me since he commit suicide (and the first thing i thought was to get the gonzo fist, but it was discarded). Also, with his illustrator Ralph Steadman they worked collaborative to create the book that open my eyes to all new alternatives for modern literature. The bats are from one of the first scenes in the story, where Raould Duke proclaims after starting a bad trip "We can't stop here, this is a bat country!"

Segundo, quería que también este tatuaje hablara de otra persona relacionada con este libro: Terry Gilliam, el director de la adaptación cinematográfica.
Second, i also wanted this tatt for it to be a tribute to the director of the film adaptation: Terry Gilliam.

Quería usar esta escena de los murciélagos alzándose por que también a muchos les recordará a Batman. Ese momento en el que Bruno Díaz es traumatizado con la imagen del animal.
I wanted to use these scene of the bats rising because it also brings to mind Batman. That moment when Bruce Wayne gets shock by the presence of that animal.

Por último, la frase "Denme Caos" proviene del título de un poema escrito por Jorge Dorantes. Utilicé la tipografía Mosh porque me sentí atraído a ella desde el primer momento que la vi. Publico el poema a continuación:
For last, the quotation GIVE ME CHAOS(trad.) comes from a poem written by Jorge Dorantes. I choose Mosh typo because i just love it since the first time i saw it. I'll publish a translated version of the poem below:

Jorge Dorantes

Give me Chaos,
Give me broken things that could not be fixed.
Give me apartments without heat or light.
Give me women who slam doors and cut their arms like they were teenagers.
Give me cigarrettes so i could put them off in my hand because the women who slam doors and cut their arms like they were teenagers doesn't understand the morons who put off cigarrettes in their hands.
Give me four mornings in a roll and a lot of coke.
Give me hallucinations and dismays.
But do not give me a relax saturday, perfect to buy the news, don't read them, take a juice and go back to bed to watch a movie by the side of the woman who loves me and makes me laugh, because then i will declare War.
An army of awful thoughts will invade my head and will stop anyone in their way, even a couple of fabulous breasts like yours. The auto-pilot will take over ready to crash.
What's left after that,
the little perfect pieces that survive the accident
(a walk on the beach,
watching your face while you drive),
that's what it's going to be.

Foto por Mhx.
Photo by Mhx.

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