BAD TRIPS coming soon...

Tengo una nueva sorpresa, pero aún tardará un poco para refinarse.
Estoy traduciendo mi cuarto libro MALVIAJES para todos aquellos lectores y seguidores nuevos.
Será completamente gratuito y con un nuevo diseño por parte de Colectivo Kuleshov.

No tengo una fecha fija, pero estén pendientes que no puede tardar mucho.


I got a new surprise, but this time it will take a bit longer to get it refined.
I'm translating my fourth book to english and it's going to be called "BAD TRIPS", this is for all those new readers and followers that doesn't read or speak spanish.
It would be totally free, and with a new design from the guys of Colectivo Kuleshov.

I don't have any known date for certain, but it shouldn't take too long.

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